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816, Bombay Market, Tardeo Road, Mumbai.              +91.9768976885            info@slacklife.co.in

Mesmerize your audience by giving them an experience that they will remember.

Your target audiences will enjoy the performances displayed by our PRO Team of Athletes. For those who wish to try slacklining themselves, our team of instructors will be there to help them take thier first steps in balance. 

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​​​Corporate Training

Are you planning your company's strategic off-site day?
Do you wish to engage your employees & colleagues in an unconventional activity with transferable learning skills ? 

Would you like to boost the morale, and team spirit of your team? 

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Health & Fitness

A functional workout designed for you health and well-being. 

Workout benefits your core muscles, legs, shoulders and arms. 

Enhance your agility, coordination and reflexes.

Evolve your concentration and power to focus.

Learn to slackline | Take your first steps

TV show: Adventure Challenge & Games ; 
MTV - India, June-July 2015 ;
(Episodes 1, 2 & 4)

TV Show: ​Performance & Training ;
​Zee TV, ​Diwali 2015
(Scroll to: 12 & 52 minutes)

Slacklining on Television